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O site The Futon Critic elegeu os cinquenta melhores episódios de 2007 e o primeiro lugar não podia ter sido mais justo.

50. “flight of the conchords: bowie” (hbo)
(originally aired: july 22, 2007)

Having Jemaine appear to Bret in his dreams as the various career incarnations of David Bowie perfectly encapsulates everything that makes this show great.

49. “code monkeys: todd loses his mind” (g4)
(originally aired: september 5, 2007)

The moment the show broke the fourth wall – the “show” freezes like a video game and an unseen player pulls the “game” cartridge out, blows on it and puts it back in – was when “Monkeys” made the leap for me to must-see status.

48. “entourage: gotcha!” (hbo)
(originally aired: april 29, 2007)

The looks on their respective faces – Drama after learning he’s really been “Punk’d” by Pauly Shore and Eric after learning Vince is falling for Amanda – are worth the price of admission.

47. “how i met your mother: showdown” (cbs)
(originally aired: april 30, 2007)

Neil Patrick Harris received an Emmy nomination for his performance in this episode, in which he’s reunited with his believed father, Bob Barker (yes, that Bob Barker), and for good reason – nobody else could have pulled it off.

46. “reaper: pilot” (the cw)
(originally aired: september 25, 2007)

Two words: Ray Wise.

45. “supernatural: hollywood babylon” (the cw)
(originally aired: april 19, 2007)

Sure the in-jokes here alone are worth a spot on this list (“Boogeyman,” “Gilmore Girls,” etc.) but it’s the zeal in which Dean (Jensen Ackles) embraces his undercover PA job that really seals the deal.

44. “it’s always sunny in philadelphia: dennis and dee’s mom is dead” (fx)
(originally aired: september 20, 2007)

After Dennis inherits his parents’ mansion, he decides to throw a party to make some new guy friends. What follows is “Sunny” at its best, including the mistakenly penis shaped invites.

43. “scrubs: my musical” (nbc)
(originally aired: january 18, 2007)

They sang songs entitled “Ev’rythin’ Comes Down to Poo” and “Guy Love” folks. How could it not be on this list?

42. “curb your enthusiasm: meet the blacks” (hbo)
(originally aired: september 9, 2007)

Larry’s tactic of avoiding parties he doesn’t want to go to – by simply showing up the next day feigning ignorance – is a throwback to “Seinfeld’s” heyday, as is his eventual comeuppance for using said method.

41. “30 rock: cougars” (nbc)
(originally aired: november 29, 2007)

The real testament to the show’s awesomeness is the random basis for its humor, in this case plot A features Liz and Frank fighting over a much younger guy and plot B sees Jack using the Bush Doctrine to assume control of Tracy’s softball team

40. “californication: pilot” (showtime)
(originally aired: august 13, 2007)

Proof positive that David Duchovny can make even the most selfish asshole on TV a likeable guy.

39. “burn notice: pilot” (usa)
(originally aired: june 28, 2007)

Jeffrey Donovan’s dry humor makes every scene in this 21st century take on “The Equalizer” worth watching.

38. “jericho: why we fight” (cbs)
(originally aired: may 9, 2007)

Say it with us: “NUTS!”

37. “brothers & sisters: 36 hours” (abc)
(originally aired: november 11, 2007)

The Walkers intervention – and subsequent detox – of Justin (a never better Dave Annable) was iron clad proof you’re watching a “real” family on this show.

36. “dirty sexy money: the watch” (abc)
(originally aired: november 28, 2007)

I’m not sure which was more touching – Dutch’s (Peter Strauss) heartbreak after learning one of the Darlings is his child or Nick’s (Peter Krause) first “meeting” with his half-brother Brian (Glenn Fitzgerald).

35. “south park: imaginationland” (comedy central)
(originally aired: october 17, 2007)

Any show that can feature Orko from He-Man and terrorism in the same episode deserves a spot on this list.

34. “life: fill it up” (nbc)
(originally aired: december 5, 2007)

Jack Reese telling Charlie (Damian Lewis) that he didn’t notice he had Rachel Seybolt all along still gives me chills.

33. “the riches: pilot” (fx)
(originally aired: march 12, 2007)

Just when you think TV has covered every subculture in America – here comes the Travellers.

32. “my name is earl: our ‘cops’ is on” (nbc)
(originally aired: january 4, 2007)

A clever twist on the show’s usual format as Earl and company watch their 2003 appearance on “Cops,” featuring Mike O’Malley and Kathy Kinney as the documented officers.

31. “gossip girl: hi, society” (the cw)
(originally aired: december 5, 2007)

This episode, in which the dynamics of a dozen distinct relationships – from Rufus learning the truth about why Lily left him to Serena being shown her grandmother’s true colors to Chuck having his heart broken by his best friend’s girl – were changed in the span of a few minutes, proved “Gossip Girl” is much more than your typical teen soap.

30. “friday night lights: let’s get it on” (nbc)
(originally aired: november 2, 2007)

It really is a testament to this show that the big moments – I genuinely thought Jason Street would be lost in the ocean forever after leaping from the booze cruise, only to have it turn out to be his first step back to peace with his condition – and the little ones – everything from Eric trying to woo Tami back to the bedroom, Saracen regaining his self-respect and Tyra breaking Landry’s heart – feel equally natural and effortless.

29. “the knights of prosperity: pilot” (abc)
(originally aired: january 3, 2007)

Seriously – Mick Jagger buttering his popcorn with a Rolling Stones tongue statue, the red 1970s-era T-shirts, Rockefeller asking if there will be cookies, using a Jewish supply store as their clubhouse, Gourishanker describing his love of a certain female organ – what wasn’t there to love about this show?

28. “andy barker, pi: fairway, my lovely” (nbc)
(originally aired: march 22, 2007)

I don’t know about you, but the image of Peter Allen Vogt running in slow motion was burned into my brain for about a week after this episode aired – and I laughed every time I thought about it.

27. “how i met your mother: something blue” (cbs)
(originally aired: may 14, 2007)

Another master class in the show’s trademark storytelling technique – this time involving how Ted and Robin’s relationship unraveled, all set against the backdrop of Marshall and Lily’s wedding. Even better – it actually tied together a half-dozen or so throwaway scenes from the past few episodes.

26. “chuck: pilot” (nbc)
(originally aired: september 24, 2007)

60 minutes, well 44 and change without commercials, of geeky heartfelt fun.

25. “it’s always sunny in philadelphia: the gang finds a dumpster baby” (fx)
(originally aired: september 13, 2007)

After reading the episode title we knew this would be a “Sunny” classic.

24. “csi: crime scene investigation: living doll, part 1” (cbs)
(originally aired: may 17, 2007)

The fruit of its season long, unexpectedly riveting “miniature killer” arc, this episode defined the word cliffhanger as the fate of Sara Sidel – not to mention actress Jorja Fox’s involvement with the show – was left up in the air.

23. “extras: christmas special” (hbo)
(originally aired: december 27, 2007)

Sure the first hour was endless self-inflicted melancholy, but boy did those last few scenes – especially Andy’s should-be-seen-by-everyone tirade against celebrity – made its swan song a classic one.

22. “the office: the negotiation” (nbc)
(originally aired: april 5, 2007)

Take your pick – Michael accidentally cross dressing, Dwight macing Roy, Darryl finding out how much Michael makes, Angela being turned on by Dwight macing Roy, “bibbity bobbity” – this was “The Office” in top form.

21. “the unit: five brothers” (cbs)
(originally aired: november 6, 2007)

While Hector’s death was certainly shocking, just as unnerving was how the Unit took control of an innocent family’s home and killed one of its members when their cover was about to be blown.

20. “kyle xy: the prophet” (abc family)
(originally aired: june 11, 2007)

The show’s second season opener did the thing you never expect shows like this to do – reveal its biggest secret, in this case who Kyle actually is. More shocking, said revelation didn’t derail the show, it actually strengthened what really makes it work – the characters and their relationships.

19. “brothers & sisters: game night” (abc)
(originally aired: april 15, 2007)

Every great episode of “Brothers & Sisters” generally involves the following ingredients – wine, an outside antagonist (in this case, a rival family that includes Jenna Elfman and Susan Sullivan) and secrets being told and/or spilled. This episode had them all in spades.

18. “damages: pilot” (fx)
(originally aired: july 24, 2007)

The latest FX jewel proved to be a “legal thriller” in every sense of the term. In the pilot’s case, every scene, shot, word and action built on the previous one to create the rarest of TV feelings – you just know wherever it’s going, it’s sure to knock you out of your seat.

17. “family guy: blue harvest” (fox)
(originally aired: september 23, 2007)

Sure a “Star Wars” parody 20 years after the fact made it far from timely but damn if the show’s panache for nitpicking the most random elements (the Death Star workers complaining about the lack of a hand rail, Danny Elfman taking over for a murdered John Williams, a debate about Robot Chicken, X-Wing fighter pilots being named “Red”) made it one of its landmark efforts.

16. “house: half-wit” (fox)
(originally aired: march 6, 2007)

The episode’s theme – is it worth not being able to do ordinary things in order to do something extraordinary? – not only proved be one of “House’s” best debates but also provided a rare glimpse into what makes House himself tick.

15. “the sopranos: made in america” (hbo)
(originally aired: june 10, 2007)

While it was far from what the audience expected – not to mention frustrating as hell – one can’t deny the fact the closing diner scene isn’t one of last year’s most iconic moments.

14. “mad men: five g” (amc)
(originally aired: august 16, 2007)

Our first real glimpse into who “Don Draper” really is proved to be the most bizarrely surprising on TV since Adrian Pasdar climbed into his cardboard box in FOX’s “Profit.”

13. “30 rock: rosemary’s baby” (nbc)
(originally aired: october 25, 2007)

Jack Donaghy (a never been more perfect Alec Baldwin) role playing everyone from Tracy’s past – in the vein of everybody from Redd Foxx to J.J. Walker – has to go down as one of the funniest scenes not only in the show’s history, but TV comedy itself.

12. “traveler: pilot” (abc)
(originally aired: may 10, 2007)

Essentially one giant 60-minute, hold-your-breathe chase scene that broke the boundaries of what you can expect from a weekly television series.

11. “pushing daisies: pilot” (abc)
(originally aired: october 3, 2007)

One of the most original concepts to grace the small screen in years, “Daisies” literally didn’t look like anything you’d seen before on television – visually and thematically.

10. “veronica mars: the bitch is back” (the cw)
(originally aired: may 22, 2007)

The show’s de facto finale showcased our favorite relationship on the show as Keith (the fantastic Enrico Colantoni) torpedoes his career to protect his daughter.

9. “doctor who: blink” (sci fi)
(originally aired: september 14, 2007)

Not just a great hour of “Doctor Who” but a great hour of storytelling period. Even if you’ve never heard of “Doctor Who” you owe it to yourself to check this one out – literally no knowledge about the show is required.

8. “heroes: company man” (nbc)
(originally aired: february 26, 2007)

Still the series’ finest effort to date and for good reason – it made us love the man we’d come to know as Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman).

7. “big love: dating game” (hbo)
(originally aired: july 16, 2007)

Very much a story no other series could tell as Bill and Margene “fall” for the same woman – only to end up revealing how much Bill really cares for Margene.

6. “the office: the deposition” (nbc)
(originally aired: november 15, 2007)

Sure it had some memorable moments (Michael throwing Toby’s tray on the floor after his heartfelt attempt to bond with him) but its piece de resistance had to be Michael’s “Who’s on first?”-esque discussion after using his signature “That’s what she said” line during the deposition.

5. “the shield: chasing ghosts” (fx)
(originally aired: june 5, 2007)

Shane’s confession to Vic that he murdered Lem, just wow… there are no words.

4. “dexter: there’s something about harry” (showtime)
(originally aired: december 2, 2007)

Just when you think the writers haven’t pained Dexter into the figurative corner of a warehouse filled with nooses he could hang himself with they lay this dozy on us – Harry, the man who taught him everything he knows, whose code defines Dex’s very existence, killed himself after realizing what Dexter was turning into.

3. “friday night lights: i think we should have sex” (nbc)
(originally aired: february 21, 2007)

The show’s defining hour was filled with paralyzingly real moments whether it be Tami confronting Julie about spotting Matt buying condoms, Matt and Julie leg wrestling or Tim getting his heart broke by his dad once again.

2. “battlestar galactica: crossroads, part 2” (sci fi)
(originally aired: march 25, 2007)

Proof positive that all it takes is one great scene to forgive a half-season’s worth of missteps – Apollo’s speech about the fleet’s post-occupation decisions was the medicine both the viewers and the characters needed.

1. “lost: through the looking glass” (abc)

(originally aired: may 23, 2007)

In my first look at the show in 2004 (read it here), I talked a lot about how it was rare to find a show that tickled your imagination, that pushed the boundaries of what you think television can and can’t do. This episode – nearly three years later – touched on those exact same feelings. After all, could you believe that they would actually get off the island at the end of season three – let alone not realize you’d already spent two hours exploring Jack’s post-island experiences?


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  1. telmo diz:

    como é k só aparece um episódio de dexter nessa lista tá tudo maluco ou kÊ?????

  2. Sérgio diz:

    Concordo com o Marco quando diz que o primeiro lugar é justíssimo!

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