[OFF-TOPIC] Confira 10 imagens do novo filme do Harry Potter

Sim… são imagens acabadinhas de sair e senti-me na obrigação de partilhar com vocês, fãs absolutamente fanáticos como eu, estas maravilhosas fotos. Lá podem conferir a Luna absurdamente estranha (é isso que ela é), Dumbledore, Malfoy, os três protagonistas, o novo professor de poções entre outras coisas como os cenários maravilhosos de Hogwarts.

Veja, a seguir, as imagens:

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  1. Francisco diz:

    Na minha opinião os filmes não valem nada, mas não há livros melhores que a colecção de Harry potter. Quando li o ultimo livro tive imensa pena, porque foi o fim de uma colecção espantosa. Abraço

  2. Sofia diz:

    Tenho de concordar com Francisco… E acrescentar que tenho algumas duvidas em relação à autenticidade do poster promocional apresentado neste post: parece uma simples montagem de photoshop com imagens do 5º filme (e a “mão” de Dumbledore é estranhamente PARECIDA com as dos Dementors…); as imagens promocionais dos outros filmes têm muito mais qualidade do que esta…

  3. maylson kayres potter diz:

    eu nâo quero que o filme parrrrrre sempre tem que ter harry!
    o 8 9 10……………………………………………………etc………………..

  4. Bruna potter diz:

    Eu amo a saga de harry potter se acabar eu morro
    adoro todos os personagens sou louca pelo harry bjos

  5. valdeane diz:

    [blue] nossamuito otimo , tudo q vem dos bastidores
    e muito bom ;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    sem palavras pra dizer q ficou muito bom
    valew por existir beikos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. manu diz:

    adoro,novo filme do Harry Potter!

  7. natália diz:

    eu amo os filmes do harry!ja assisti todos,acho ele lindo,eu amo aquele mundo de magia

  8. fabi diz:

    ele é lindo e um ótimo ator eu não vejo a hora de ver o novo filme

  9. Nubia .A. de Oliveira diz:

    Eu adoro o Harry Potter…
    Amo todos os seus filmess
    O Harry estar de parabéns..
    Todos seus filme são maravilhoso
    Te amo doroooo Harry Potter.

  10. eum grande astro de cinema eugosto de todos osfilmes
    e da menina q eu esqueci onome

  11. EDILSON diz:


  12. Anónimo diz:

    Adorei esse novo filme ..sao demais os novos efeitos especiais do filme amei de verdade pena k ja e a ultima serie deles mais vai fkar pra historia bjs de sua fa

  13. Amanda alencar diz:

    Adorei esse novo filme ..sao demais os novos efeitos especiais do filme amei de verdade pena k ja e a ultima serie deles mais vai fkar pra historia bjs de sua fa amoooooooo harry potter sou fanatica tenho todas as colecoes bjjjsssss

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    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks were mixed but little changed Monday, with a few investors tempted to consolidate some of the market’s recent strong gains, while a sustained flow of dealmaking –including the $27.5 billion buying of mobile phone provider Alltel — will continue to fuel buying interest. Technology shares led the session’s gains, amid merger speculation in internet shares.The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 4 points at 13,551, using its 30 components evenly divided between gainers and decliners. The declines were led by companies Alcoa Inc. , Dupont , Honeywell Inc. and United Technologies .General Electric Co. rose 0.9% before the open after saying it’ll sell its GE Plastics business to Saudi Basic Industries Corp. for $11.6 billion. The $9 billion after-tax proceeds, GE said, will be used to buy back its shares.AT&T fell 0.6% after announcing a rebranding of its Cingular unit ahead of Apple Inc.’s launch in the iPhone.Pfizer rose 0.1% after news that CFO Alan Levin is resigning, while its head of development and research, John LaMattina, will retire when the New York drug giant finds a successor.The S&P 500 index rose 2.7 suggests 1,525, standing just two points looking at the all-time high. The Nasdaq Composite gained 19.7 suggests 2,578.Among technology shares, Sirius Sattelite , which was hit recently by concerns the reason is merger with XM Sattellite will hit regulatory hurdles, gained 3%.Yahoo dropped 0.6%. It may well pay $1 billion to acquire Bebo, a leading U.K. social network site, according to a written report from a British newspaper.Trading volumes showed 572 million shares exchanging face to face the New York Stock market and 816 million trading for the Nasdaq stock market. Advancing issues outpaced decliners by 19 to 11 for the NYSE and by 19 to 9 about the Nasdaq.Deals, deals, dealsThe companies are coming off a solid week in which the Dow rose 1.7% completely to another record close, even though the S&P 500 rose 1.1%.The important thing fuel for the market’s rally has always been deal-making. On Monday, Alltel Corp. gained 7.3% after acknowledging be bought by TPG Capital as well as a Goldman Sachs unit for $27.5 billion, or $71.50 a share. What a 10% premium to Friday’s close as well as a 23% premium to Alltel’s price before reports of the possible buyout first appeared. In other deal news, UniCredit is buying Italian peer Capitalia in the all-stock transaction valued at over $29 billion. The offer will make UniCredit Europe’s second-largest bank. Hologic jumped 8.3% after it agreed to buy Cytyc for $6.2 billion, or $16.50 a share with cash and 0.52 of Hologic shares. The sale at a 33% premium to Friday’s close will produce a leading provider of women’s health services.The bidding war for EGL continued which has a group led by Apollo Management offering $47.50 a be part of cash, trumping a $46.25 a share offer coming from a group led by EGL’s us president.Another deal had Atlas Energy Resources receiving buy 2,150 propane wells producing in the Antrim Shale, located in Michigan’s northern lower peninsula, from DTE Energy for $1.23 billion in cash.Economy returns to backburnerA compilation of better-than-expected economic data recently has soothed investor concerns in regards to a potential housing-led recession. Industrial data, especially, “has lifted energy and basic materials stocks, as well as heavy industrial and big cap multinational stocks the Dow and S&P],” said Marc Pado, market strategist at Cantor Fitzgerald. There is not much on the economic docket on Monday with statistics on housing sales and durable-goods orders due out later in the week. The dollar rose contrary to the yen and the euro, with all the greenback strength coming even with Kuwait over the weekend abandoned the U.S. dollar peg.June gold futures fell $1.10 to $660.60 an oz ., while July-dated rude futures rose 24 cents to $66.22 a barrel.Corporate newsElan shares jumped 11% as soon as the Irish drugmaker and Wyeth began a Phase III trial of the Alzheimer’s drug candidate. There’s two ongoing Phase 2 studies in the drug, and Elan cautioned that no conclusions can be drawn.On the earnings front, Lowe’s reported a 12% profit decline, citing the housing market and last year’s hurricane rebuilding activities.Merck president of world human health, Peter Loescher, is leaving for being chief executive of Siemens , the German industrial conglomerate. Merck didn’t name an alternative.By Nick Godt ugg boots grey


  15. Tyronetop diz:

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